Software Development

Accomplished Software Developers with thorough knowledge of all the current technologies work in our Software Development Department.

Year-long experience in projects and short adaption curves guarantee fast success and high quality.

These are the most common technologies we use:

  • Programing languages: Java, JavaScript, C++, C#, Oracle PL/SQL, PHP
  • Web technologies: React, Redux, NodeJS, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL
  • Others: Jenkins, VmWare, Linux, Docker, GIT, Subversion

Quality Assurance

We have gained experience in test automation projects based on Selenium and Java. Our test infrastructure guarantees flexibility and reliable solutions that meets your requirements.

We offer a continuously support in developing and maintaining test execution environment and test development. Our consulting services include:

  • Determining the scope of test automation
  • Buildinga test framework in order to optimize the software automation testing process
  • Jenkins continues integration setup
  • Developing new automation tests
  • Maintenance of test suites
  • Test results analyze and systematic test reporting
  • Test automation trainings

Our consulting services ensure the right testing process for your company in order to save time and make this process cost-efficient.

Project Management

Our project managers possess thorough knowledge of project management methods, frameworks, processes and tools. Essential for near-shoring is operating experience in resources management in virtual / globally distributed teams.

  • Knowledge of project management methodologies, frameworks, processes, tools and techniques, best practices.
  • Excellent in project planning, executing, monitoring and reporting.
  • Proficient in managing resources, especially in virtual / dispersed / globally distributed teams.
  • Excellent in communication (both verbal and written) with a wide range of stakeholders and conflict resolving.
  • Competent in Change Management.
  • Excellent in organizing, guiding and mentoring the team.
  • Experienced Project Management Department with more than 120 projects successfully completed, used to working on deadline and / or scope driven projects.
  • Project Managers who are goal-oriented and devoted to delivering good quality deliverables (with special attention to details).
  • Project Management  team with consistent performance and a balanced mix of experience, skills, leadership qualities and devotion to the role of Project Management.

Business Analysis

As the Agile method has proven to be one of the most effective ways to adapt to changes in a software project, it serves as a guideline for our area where the Scrum technique is our way to implement.
Having a skilled team with certified product owners among our members, Scum is our way to go, but our professionals are not bounded by Agile and are capable to mix methods in order to get the best result in terms of stability of requirements.
By mixing principles of UML and the already known benefits of Scrum, the requirement’s stability is set since the beginning. By using the UML diagrams, the process of gathering requirements becomes more stable, and the validation process of the requirements becomes more effective, where the customer is able to see clearly the solution proposed and predict unknown scenarios.
With this strategy of mixing methods (Scrum + Uml), our projects are developed under more stable requirements reducing drastically the risk of big changes during the project.

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