The Owned Team Concept is the concept most often used when it comes to nearshoring collaboration. It is highly suitable for long-term collaboration, especially when:

  • the amount of work is constant or even increasing.
  • the complexity and setup of domain knowledge require a rather vast amount of time.
  • requirements and / or scope are unknown or constantly changing.

In this approach, teams are built and designed for long-term cooperation. The teambuilding procedures are very similar to those of in-house departments.

What happens when you call one of our team?

Calling for one of our teams means you will get a complete IT department to support you – if this is what you want. Additional to our developers, we have Business Analysts, QA Engineers, Administrators and Project Managers at hand to guarantee an integral working process for your business.

All of our employees will seamlessly fit into your present teams and the organizational structure of your business without even being on-site. Nevertheless, we will certainly provide you with a Project Manager or a Scrum Master who can be on-site to support you in times when this is needed.

Possible Team Structures:

Mixed Teams

Staff from the nearshoring team are placed within an in-house team.

Semi-autonomous Teams

The majority of team members are nearshoring staff, merely the Project Management or the Product Owner are members of the customer`s in-house team.

Fully Autonomous Teams

The near-shoring staff make up a whole department (i.e. Project Manager, BA, Developer, QA) and take their orders from the customer`s strategic management.


How Our Team Becomes Your Team

Considering your needs and prerequisites, we build you the team that suits the requirements of your project. To do so, we either draw on our own resources and teams, or recruit new employees according to your specifications.

Prefiltering / selection process

Onboarding / knowledge transfer


Autonomous productivity


Supporting you in the team building process, our HR Department will do the prefiltering and the first interview. They will present you with only those candidates the suit your requirements! This minimises the risk and saves you both time and finance.

You are the one to decide which of the candidates you actually want to meet in an interview – either remote or in person.

Onboarding / Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer starts as soon as the team is built. The goal is to efficiently transfer the necessary knowledge to the new team members. This includes knowledge about domains and processes, architecture, modules, the software development process, rules of coding and specific handling of repositories.

This first phase demands an intensive contact between the teams and team members. During the onboarding phase, we offer you reduced rates due to lower productivity.

As an experienced nearshoring partner, we know what it takes to integrate with existing teams and projects, and are able to support you with our knowledge. Pannonia-Expertise team members are skilled in quickly acquiring knowledge necessary for stepping into a running project. This makes it easy for customers with small or non-existing experience in near-shoring to see fast results.


This is the phase where the transferred knowledge is being used more and more autonomously by the near-shoring staff allowing for the in-house team members to reduce their support. Thorough quality control is crucial at this stage.

Autonomous Productivity

Having reached the last of the team building phases, the near-shoring staff now possess the same state of knowledge as the customer`s in-house team members. The quality of their work levels that of the in-house team. Continuous feedback of work and production is still an important instrument for securing quality, yet the time span between those feed backs eventually becomes larger.

Evaluation / Performance Review

Pannonia-Expertise relies on a proven feedback system to internally evaluate the performance of its staff, ensuring a continuous and transparent 360° evaluation of every resource involved in the process. A system we will gladly share with our customers!

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